Medical Massage Zurich – An Analysis

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a good back massage after a long week at work-or be able to give one to your partner or another important person? You might want some advice on how to make this a better massage before you get started; one that will leave the client relaxed and comfortable, rather than exhausted and nervous. In reality, a massage not done correctly will inflict even more discomfort than the individual had before the massage. It is not difficult to give a back massage but it takes a little bit of know-how. Have a look at Medical Massage Zurich for more info on this.

A Few Pointers: Have the individual lay down on their stomach and sit by their head for a general back massage. Their head is to be tilted to the left and their bodies are to lie on their backs. Slide your hands gently down on both sides of the back bone with your fingertips just below the collar, and back up the sides of the chest, then out over the arms. For the next part of the back massage, begin again at the base of the neck and work out towards the shoulders in circular motions. Create a rolling motion with your thumbs all over the bottom of the neck and top of the back to complete the job.

Lower Back The lower back is the one that is most often hurt and exhausted, and greatly benefits from a back massage. Using your pink and index finger on each hand while seated at the recipient’s leg, pass the fingertips along either side of the arm, with quick rhythmic motions, one hand over the other. You should start at the base of the spine for the next step of the back massage, and use massage oil to make motions up the spine and down the sides of the body. And create harsh rubbing movements from the bottom of the spine right up to the rib cage after you’ve done this with the wax. Finally, make large gliding motions over the spine and lower back to the hips for the final step of the back massage, which should also be given a deep massage with large circular motions.

Upper Back The upper back treatment is done by placing the recipients arm with the forearm bent behind their back and one had cupped on the shoulder blade while the other hand massages in upward movements around the shoulder blade.

Remember If you offer some massage, be careful not to rub too rough on the forearm, or just rub it to its sides. Even when you switch from one part of the body to another, all motions in the back massage should be gentle and not too fast. You should also insure that the patient has sufficient body support with pillows under the upper chest, knees, and (for women) under the breasts. So the back rub should be very effective.